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July Special Deals

July Special Deals

AKS are excited to announce the imminent arrival of the Stealth Elite 530 into Australia. Stealth have been hard at work building our order and it wont be too long until our container arrives jam packed with some great skis…. some of which are the new Elite 530.

What we know so far:

  • Length: 5.3m 
  • Width: 0.605 m 
  • Weight: 22 kg - Carbon Hybrid
  • Weight: 18.5 kg - Full Carbon
  • Max Angler Weight: 115 kg 
  • Capacity: 220 kg 

As an introductory special we are offering those that pre-order this craft a $395 voucher which can be used at the time of purchase. If this is of interest to you, email

* Please note - Kayak only available in White. Decal Kits available. Voucher cannot be used for freight.


AKS are currently offering $250 vouchers for those ordering in-stock fibreglass kayaks… the voucher can be used at the time of purchase >>

We have the following in stock:

  • Profisha 575 (x3)
  • Profisha 525 (x1)
  • Profisha 475 (x5)
  • Fisha 555 (x2)
  • Fisha 500 (x4)
  • Fisha 460 (x2)

These are all Brand new - Live well/Transducer recess models !!!!

Please note that the pricing structure of the kayaks moving forward will be changing so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of favourable pricing.

We have also have a Profisha 475 (non recessed model) and a Fisha 500 (non recessed model) on Sale. Whilst there is no voucher associated with these, they are brand new and highly discounted.

  • Profisha 475 (Red with Black Stripes) - $3095
  • Fisha 500 (Grey and White) - $2895


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