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The Profisha 475

Profisha 475

The very popular Profisha 475 is the smallest Profisha in the range. It is ideally suited to paddlers between 65kg - 85kg. It is nimble and handles well in the surf, but is still quick on the water. Owing to it being smaller than the other Profisha units, it is a little lighter and easier to manage on land.

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4.75 m


0.605 m

Paddler Capacity

95 kg

Max Capacity

155 kg


Length: 4.75m / 15.58 ft

Width: 0.605m / 23.81 inch

Weight: 26kg / 57.32 lbs

Max Angler Weight: 95kg / 209.44 lbs

Capacity: 155kg / 341.72 lbs

Stability: 8/10

Speed: 8/10

Glide: 8/10

Maneuverability: 9/10

Surf Ability: 9/10

AUD $ 3695


Molded carry handles – These are molded carry handles for easy carrying of your kayak. We also offer sleeves for an easy grip.

2 drain holes– One for the fish hatch and one for the kayaks hull, these bungs are a simple screw in type and easy to open and close.

Paddle vinyl pad and elastic– a protective pad is used here to prevent the slipping around of your paddle when it is secured under the paddle elastic.The paddle elastic is shock cord with a clear tubing to keep your paddle secure on the vinyl pad. The mat also reduces the amount of scratching when slipping your paddle in and out of the elastic.

Carbon fiber fish hatch lid – This lid gives you easy access to a large central fish hatch. There is also a protective pad on the hatch lid which can be used for cutting your bait.

Central fish hatch – this is a very large central storage area used for stowing your rods and reels when launching and beaching in rough waters and of course as well as excellent storage for those big fish you catch. The hatch has a built in rod shoot which curves upwards so that when your rods are stored they can be kept above the fish and anything else you have in the hatch. View a video about it here.

Live bait well – this a new addition to our kayaks. There is an inlet and outlet in the bait well which allows fresh water to enter and old water to exit out the bottom of the kayak while you are paddling. This continuously change in water keeps the oxygen supply fresh and therefore your bait will stay alive for long period of time. View a video about it here.

Trolling rod holders – 2 std 50 degree trawling rod holders used for placing your rods into while you want to paddle around and fish.There are 2 easily accessible plastic saddles next to the rod holders used for rod leashes to secure your fishing rods.View a video about this here

Large rear storage hatch-  Rear hatch which has an 8 inch lid that can be easily opened and closed for simple access to the storage hatch.Plenty of space to store you extra tackle, lures, safety equipment and more.

Two standard rear upright rod holders. These rod holders are used for positioning those extra rods and reels ,we all like to take with. The more upright position of then rods makes them easy to access from your seated position in the kayak. View a video about this here.

Small recess and rear webbing for extra storage of any larger items you would like to take with. Can also be used for positioning and holding your bait box or live bait system.