Noosa Starlight Kayak Fishing Challenge Entry

Save $20.00
Winner takes home $ 5000 !

Set to take place in Noosa on 30 March 2019, the Noosa Starlight Challenge is a great way to not only enter a comp that could see you walk away $5000 richer, but also a means to help the Starlight Children's Foundation.

The Single Heaviest Fish is the winner, followed by second ($1000 Cash Prize) and third ($500 Cash Prize).

There will be a lucky draw for a Stealth Profisha 525. The First 100 Entrants will receive the Comp Shirt.

Each entry fee would include a contribution toward the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which would hopefully help raise the goal of a $5K donation. 

100 Entries are a minimum requirement for this comp to go ahead - however market research has suggested we have over 170 interested in attending.

Entry fees are structured as follows:

$100 – Early Bird Entry (If part of the first 100 entrants – this will include a tee shirt) – Closes 1 December 2018 

$120 – Normal Entry – Closes 1 March 2019 

$140 – Late Entry Closes 20 March 2019