The Tribe Tournament


For the Tribe!

We are excited to announce that we will be running a monthly fishing comp from Jan 1 – Jun 1 2020.

We want to reward our Tribe, so this comp is free to enter.

It is fairly simple.

Catch a fish off a Stealth Kayak or a Kayak that you purchased (or Won) from AKS. Get a photo of you and the Fish next to your kayak. Get a photo of the fish on a Brag mat or measuring board. Send these photos in via email, facebook or insta. We will add your scores to a series of leader-boards which will be accessible on our website.

The Single Highest Scoring Fish for the month wins. However we may run some bonus comps, for different species and notable catches.

Prize Packs valued at $120 will be awarded at the end of each month.

Bonus – If you submit your photos with an accompanying Trip report for us to share on our website as a blog post, and you happen to win, we will increase the prize pack value to $175.

If you do register and you happen to be on a Stealth Kayak, we will send you a #Stealthtribe Sticker free of charge ( We are in the process of printing them).

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