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Elite 530 Update

Elite 530 Update

Please be aware that the Stealth Elite 530 Kayaks are currently unavailable for purchase in Australia.

In late December Australian Kayak Specialists re-called recently delivered units owing to some inconsistencies in the integrity of the kayak potentially due to some batch issues and irregularities with the specialised Epoxy they use on this model only.

Whilst initial feedback on the kayak was very favourable – with regards to its weight, speed and general feel – a small number of units presented with issues inconsistent with what we have become accustomed to with the Stealth brand of kayaks.

Following discussions with the factory it has been decided that the best course of action is to return the units so that they can be assessed and the issues can be investigated further. Brett and his team will be investigating the batch materials used to manufacture this order.

Please note that whilst this is limited to a very small number as kayaks, we believe that the best course of action has been taken. We believe in pro-active customer service, and we also believe that given the feedback from other markets that this is an issue limited to this batch, and it will not be long before this model is back in Aus and available for purchase.




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