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We have moved. We are operating online - Appointments available. Email for info.
We have moved. We are operating online - Appointments available. Email for info.

Video Library

Kayak Specialists

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Rodney is one of Australia's top offshore kayak anglers and is a great bloke. He has tussled with Marlin, Wahoo, Cobes, Spanish and many more and his videos are always worth a watch.

Tommie Strydom

Tommie Strydom's video collection would make most froth at the mouth - with a list of great species caught and many fun adventures had ( particularly with his paddling partner Paul) - this Channel is worth a watch.

Paul Pallet

Paul is the other half to the Coffs Harbour Fishing Duo - and with a Video playlist that stretches a mile - there is plenty to be learnt by watching his vids.

Scotty D

Scotty D has proven his skill as a fisherman countless times and his videos are enjoyable.

 Clive Mathias

Whilst in his old age ;) Clive has starting fishing off his Jetski a bit more - his video library is chock a block with some great footage.

Douglas White

Another channel worth watching - mainly for his Epic Fail video which has helped many Noobies getting into the sport.

 Jamie D

Jamie is another of the Gold Coast's best - His fishing is solid, his videos are enjoyable - whats more to like.

Chris Carnster

The King of Palmy. Generally needs no intro as his fishing is legendary. Name a Species and chances are that Carnster has nailed more than one.

 Godzilla Kayak Fishing

Justin is a Gold Coaster who has found his feet quickly in the kayak fishing game. His video Channel is definitely worth a watch.

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