Stealth Fisha 555


The Stealth Fisha 555 is the newest of the Fisha range released by Stealth. This craft was designed with Speed and Stability in mind. At 5.54 m long and 68.5 cm wide, it is easy to see how this craft will tick the boxes for those looking for a great all-rounder.

Features: Storage hatch, 4x fishing rod holders, Large Fish hatch with rod chute, Improved hull for greater speed and wave control, Fully Adjustable foot pedals, with rudder and steering system, Self Draining Footwells, Latch clips, Rubber and paddle elastic, 2x Drain holes, 4x Carry handles


  • Length: 5.55m 
  • Width: 0.685 m 
  • Weight with Live Well: +-29kg (Varies dependant on build)
  • Max Angler Weight: 140kg 
  • Capacity: 230kg 
  • Stability: 10/10
  • Speed: 8/10
  • Glide: 8/10
  • Manoeuvrability: 8/10
  • Surf Ability: 8/10


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