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Palmy Blitz

Early in 2016 – we did not run the Palm Beach Summer Series comp – opting to create the Coffs Harbour Comp instead (which proved more successful). That said – we missed it so we have brought the comp back – but in a different format.

I will admit plagiarising this one heavily from a comp in South Africa. But I think it is going to be great fun.

Comp to Be held on 11 Feb 2017

 This comp is ultimately a RACE.

All competitors will start at the same time – and race to be the first one back with a pelagic fish.

There will be a list of species provided that will be eligible to be brought back.

All man powered kayaks are welcome – This includes Surfskis and those funny ones that require leg pedalling ;)

First Three entrants with fish will be in the prize pool. The fishing window will be three and a half hours. If no fish are caught in this time – prices will be allocated via Lucky Draw.

It is a social event so we will have a BBQ after.

  • Early Bird Entry - $ 15 (Early Bird Entry Closes 10 November 2016 )
  • Standard Entry - $ 20 (Normal Entry Closes 20 November 2016)
  • Late Entry - $30 (Late entry – Close On the Day.)