Flush Mount Lid - Suits Larger Units


A purposely designed fish hatch lid that allows the fishfinder to be flush mounted onto it.This lid gives you easy viewing and access to the fishfinder and control panel while the rear of the unit is not exposed to the potential splash of water onto the plugs.Keeping the plugs  and cables drier and preventing the possibiltiy of corrosion from the moisture.

The lid is fitted with a velcro splash strip which means the lid and  unit can be easily removed when not in use or when it is not needed and swapped over to be replaced with the Std fishfinder Lid

Flush mounting area is 19cm wide x 18cm High 



For some models, these units are made to order in Australia and can take some time to produce- feel free to ask us and we can let you know how long getting one made is likely to take


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