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May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
AKS Comp Schedule Summer 2016/2017

AKS Comp Schedule Summer 2016/2017

Hi Guys and Girls,

We thought it would be a good time to start planning the Offshore Comps for 2016/2017. So here is a schedule for what we have planned.

  • AKS Palm Beach Blitz: 10 December 2016
  • AKS Noosa Challenge: 28 January 2017
  • Stealth Adder Rock Offshore Kayak Fishing Challenge: 10 – 12 March 2017
  • AKS Coffs Harbour Kayak Comp 2017: 27 – 28 May 2017

All of these comps are a fair while out so there is plenty of time to plan your time off 

The AKS Palm Beach Blitz

Early in 2016 – we did not run the Palm Beach Summer Series comp – opting to create the Coffs Harbour Comp instead (which proved more successful). That said – we missed it so we have brought the comp back – but in a different format.

I will admit plagiarising this one heavily from a comp in South Africa. But I think it is going to be great fun.


This comp is ultimately a RACE.

All competitors will start at the same time – and race to be the first one back with a pelagic fish.

There will be a list of species provided that will be eligible to be brought back.

All man powered kayaks are welcome – This includes Surfskis and those funny ones that require leg pedalling ;)

First Three entrants with fish will be in the prize pool. The fishing window will be three and a half hours. If no fish are caught in this time – prices will be allocated via Lucky Draw.

It is a social event so we will have a BBQ after.

  • Early Bird Entry - $ 15 (Early Bird Entry Closes 10 November 2016 )
  • Standard Entry - $ 20 (Normal Entry Closes 20 November 2016)
  • Late Entry - $30 (Late entry – Close On the Day.)


The AKS Noosa Challenge

This will be the fourth time we host this comp. It is a fun comp that has always been well received.

This year – plenty of good fish were recorded. And some great prizes were awarded.

This year we are bringing back the BBQ 


We encourage those driving fair distance to get there – rather bring the family along and book into Noosa for the weekend – or if solo Book into a Backpackers rather than try drive there Early Saturday morning and leave Saturday Afternoon.

The comp is on a Saturday following a Thursday Public Holiday so I dare say accommodation will be busy as well as parking so plan ahead.

This comp will work on our regular scoring format and all man powered kayaks are welcome to enter.

  • Early Bird Entry - $ 20 (Early Bird Entry Closes 15 December 2016 )
  • Standard Entry - $ 25 (Normal Entry Closes 15 January 2017)
  • Late Entry - $30 (Late entry – Close On the Day.)


The Stealth Adder Rock Offshore Kayak Fishing Challenge 2017

10 March to 12 March 2017.

This is our favourite comp to host and for good reason – Going Five years Strong – we are confident that this year will be the best ever.

The Prize pool will be bigger and better than ever.

The Friday night will have a BBQ Briefing as per usual, Welcome packs will be handed out – raffles will be drawn.

Fishing on Saturday and Sunday.

Prize Giving on Sunday.

Scoring system will follow our regular method – which encourages targeting large pelagics. You can catch and release provided you have a camera. We would like to discourage bringing in fish you do not plan to eat or share with others to eat – Leave the Goat fish on the reef if you can please J

There is also a video and Photo comp in the week that follows the comp.

Entrants who have competed in all five Adder’s are in for an extra treat J

  • Early Bird Entry - $ 65 (Early Bird Entry Closes 12 January 2017 )
  • Standard Entry - $ 75 (Normal Entry Closes 12 February 2017)
  • Late Entry - $90 (Late entry – Closes Friday 10 March.)

Early Bird and Standard Entry gets Welcome Pack.


The AKS Coffs Comp

2016 was the first time hosting this comp and it was a blast – we had a solid turnout consisting of Locals and a few Interstate Travellers. We however would like to attract a few more Sydney based fishermen as well as a few extra QLDer’s – so we have decided to make this a two day event.

Fishing Sat and Sunday

Scoring system is the same as Noosa and Adder to encourage Pelagics being brought in. Photo entries are welcome for catch and release. We would like to discourage bringing in fish you do not plan to eat or share – if this is you – bring a Camera.

This comp is on 27 – 28 May 2017.

  • Early Bird Entry - $ 30 (Early Bird Entry Closes 31 March 2017 )
  • Standard Entry - $ 40 (Normal Entry Closes 30 April 2017)
  • Late Entry - $50 (Late entry – Closes Saturday 27 May 2017.)

Entry is slightly more than the Noosa comp – given that it is a two day comp – we want a great Prize pool and BBQ 

Entry Can be purchased directly off this site - Click Here 

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