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Save the date

Save the date

We have set some preliminary dates and spaced the comps out as nicely as possible. 

Long story short - Adder Camp grounds only open their tent camping again in May. We have thus arranged for an extension of credit for those who had booked in 2020 and set the comp for May ! We ran a social comp in May of 2019 and some beautiful fish were recorded - including a monster Wahoo and Sailfish... The fish have had time to get fat, now lets go get our revenge!

The Blitz will return, but not like you have seen it before - this will be run as a shotgun start so that we can include our friends from the Sunny Coast.

The Noosa Challenge will return in March of 2021 - this comp is always a blast and we look forward to seeing who will take top honours in 2021... 

Please be sure to save the dates.
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