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Stealth Adder Rock 2017 Report

Stealth Adder Rock 2017 Report

On Behalf of Australian Kayak Specialists I would like to say a big thank you to all those that attended the Stealth Adder Rock Kayak Fishing Challenge in 2017.

Special thanks to those that travelled big distances to attend.

The conditions were tough (as per usual) and the fishing was not easy.

That been said – We believe the fishing is secondary to the spirit of the comp. Catching up with mates, having a few beers and a yarn is always the main aim of the comp. The spirit this year was fantastic.


Whilst not everyone managed to get into a fish – it was not all doom and gloom. There were nice fish pulled out of the water.

Here are some of the numbers:

Session 1:

80 Paddlers hit the water.

18 of them managed to score fish in this session.

Species included: Leatherjacket, Mac Tuna, Stripy Tuna, Bonito, Grassy Sweetlip, Snapper, School Mackerel, Tea Leaf Trevally and Spangled Emperor

The largest fish in this session was 78 cm Mac Tuna caught by Norman Dalangin.

After the session Owen Gray led the pack with 253.5 Points.

Session 2:

58 Paddlers fished this session.

12 of them managed to score fish.

Species included: Moses Perch, Bream, Grassy Sweetlip, School Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Mac Tuna and Snapper.

This session saw our first Spanish Mackerel being caught. Bill Sabatka managed to pop his Spanish Cherry with the largest fish caught for the session. The Spanish went 105 cm.

Bill won this session, but Owen was still in the lead.

Session 3:

72 Paddlers fished this session.

19 Fish were recorded for this session.

Species included: Snapper, Mac Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Mackerel, Marlin, Stripy Tuna, Slatey Bream, Spangled Emperor, Flat Head, Grassy Sweetlip.

This session saw some better quality fish come in with a few Spanish Mackerel, a great Snapper, a very nice Slatey Bream a spotty and a Marlin.

Rylin won this session with his Marlin – followed by Justin, Greg and Wayne Eden ( who caught a huge Snapper).


All up 90 fish were recorded by 37 Anglers. Every angler who recorded a fish was given a prize. Here is the top 10:

  1. Rylin Richardson
  2. Owen Gray
  3. Ronan Lynch
  4. James McGregor
  5. Robbie Thompson
  6. Justin Mitchell
  7. Greg Warren
  8. William Sabatka
  9. Manny Dos Santos
  10. Scott Davis

Most Species section was won by Robbie Thompson. Largest Fish by Justin Mitchell. Owen Gray took top honours for the catch and release section of the comp.

The Team Comp was won by the Brisbane Bonito followed by: Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Mexicans, Brisbane Bream, Brisbane Barbel.


It is also worth mentioning – Paul Pallet was crowned King of the comps for his attendance at every single event we have hosted – 13 fishing comps – only one of which was local for him. Well done Paul we salute you.

As we always do following the comps – we look at what worked well and what needs tinkering. Whilst our scoring has worked well in the past – we were faced with a few challenges this year – we will begin looking at implementing a Prestige Loading and Vermin Loading (based on a similar system to the Pelagic “length” loading currently in place.)

For example:

  • 40 cm Snapper = 20 points ( 0.5 pts per cm)
  • 52 cm Snapper = 52 Points ( 1 pts per cm)
  • 87 cm Snapper = 174 point ( 2 pts per cm – as it is a Prestige fish)
  • 90 cm Mac Tuna = 30 points ( 0.33 Points per cm – as it is Vermin)

Once again hats off to all those that travelled – we certainly enjoy hosting this event and it was great to meet some new entrants.

Be sure to tag, like and share the photos we have uploaded on our facebook page and don’t forget to enter the photo and video comp.

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