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May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
The Noosa Challenge 2021 - Report

The Noosa Challenge 2021 - Report

Thomas and I would like to thank all of those who attended the AKS Noosa Challenge over the weekend.

The Noosa Challenge has been a regular event on our calendar since its inception back in 2014. We take great pride in our events, not so much based on how we host them, more so along the lines of how they have assisted with the growth of offshore kayak fishing. The events are inclusive of new comers and offshore veterans alike.

Over the years we have witnessed some awesome displays of comradery as well as an enormous exchange of knowledge and experience at these types of events. We have watched new comers grow into veterans.

This year we decided to mix it up a bit and go for a Large Cash Prize for the single largest fish. It is an interesting gamble as the host, as you are never quite sure whether someone will walk away with $3500 for weighing in a Mac Tuna (which would be quite disappointing). Luckily the fish weighed in this year were of a good calibre.

We were greeted with pleasant conditions whilst setting up and after a short briefing the field were given the green light to launch. Of the 77 Entrants into the Comp, 76 launched (with only one no show). I think given the forecast and previous few weeks fishing – Anglers were frothing to get out and into them.

Given that some of the entrants fish in areas outside of our line of sight, the radio was particularly quiet on the beach this year. A four hour anxious wait until the first paddler returned to the beach. Again conditions proving to be very good – previous years we have seen some entrants return to the beach before 7:30 am.

Keeping with the Blitz Tradition Scotty Davis was first back on the beach - And a moment of relief for me when he indicated that he had in fact caught a fish he wanted to score. Being the cheeky bugger that he is, he indicated that he had caught a Small Cobia, but failed to mention the large Spanish Mackerel inside the hatch until my eyes got sight of it.

It was not long after Scott’s return that we started seeing an influx of Entrants return. Perfect timing as the Boerewors was on the BBQ, the Beers were cold and we were ready to get to the more festive part of the comp.

All but two entrants made it back to the beach on time. Luckily those that did not make it back on time, did not have fish to score. It is a tough thing, not being able to score fish, but rules are rules…

After a quick weigh in session anglers were given some time to mingle, clean gear and get some beer and boerie into them. In the end 35 Anglers returned with fish, not all of them were brought to the scales for scoring.

The Results were as follows:

1 Scott Davis 15.5 kg Spanish
2 Jord Weigerink 11.53 kg Spanish
3 Olly Wren 9.69 kg Spanish
4 Andres Fe 9.05 kg Cobia
5 Jack Dekort 8.66 kg Spanish
6 Dom Manca 7.84 kg Cobia
7 Reuben Stevens 7.07 kg Long Tail Tuna
8 William Sabatka 6.49 kg Spanish
9 Peter Husband 5.95 kg Long Tail Tuna
10 Steve Marsden 5.73 kg Long Tail Tuna
11 Rodney Pacitti 5.7 kg Spanish
12 Tyler Chubb 5.61 kg Spanish
13 Garnett Sweeney 5.43 kg Long Tail Tuna
14 Ido bar 5.11 kg Spanish
15 Edmond NG 5.06 kg Spanish
16 Janos Ivan 4.9 kg Long Tail Tuna
17 Gary Mathias 4.86 kg Spanish
18 Nico Van Deventer 4.79 kg Cobia
19 Blake Mossman 4.71 kg Spotted Mackerel
20 Dustin Cooks 4.62 kg Long Tail Tuna
21 Matthew Fisher 4.55 kg Long Tail Tuna
22 Owen Gray 4.48 kg Cobia
23 Nathan Rodgers 3.92 kg Spanish
24 Micah Bernhoff 3.62 kg Cobia
25 Robbie Thompson 2.89 kg Spanish
26 John Gralton 2.88 kg Spanish
27 Paul Oleary 2.7 kg School Mackerel
28 Nathan Kirby 1.39 kg School Mackerel
29 Yasien Gani Did not Weigh Long Tail Tuna
30 Ben Collins Did not Weigh School Mackerel
31 Abdul Abdallah Did not Weigh School Mackerel
32 Dave McGregor Did not Weigh Sweetlip
33 Paul Weeks Did not Weigh Sweetlip
34 Chris Carnster Did not Weigh School Mackerel
35 Chris Cooper Did not Weigh School Mackerel

We would like to thank everyone who participated and all those who assisted. Thanks to Gary Mathias for the Jetski Usage – having a safety vessel is crucial to this comp and we appreciate the assistance. Thanks to Oswald for cooking up a storm and ensuring the beers were cold. Thanks to Kirsty, Mandy and Nadia for your assistance.

Our next event is the “Revenge of Adder Rock” – which is our flagship event. It is a two day event that allows for around 14 hours of fishing. If you would like to find out more – click here.

PS - I Find this rather interesting, you might too. Last Year Tim Kreis won the Palmy Blitz and then the Noosa Challenge, this year Scotty Davis won the Palmy Blitz and then the Noosa Challenge - Given that last years Adder Rock Event was postponed - if either of them were to win Adder Rock this year, they would effectively win the Trifecta (as it is the first Adder Rock Event since either of the Noosa Events)...

PPS -  We have made some photos available on Facebook, please be sure to like, tag yourself and share.

Thanks and Regards,

Dennis Tocknell


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