Stealth Adder Rock 2021 Sponsors

Australian Kayak Specialists are pleased to announce our 2021 Stealth Adder Rock Challenge Sponsors - Thanks kindly to those that have gotten involved - our prize pool is looking amazing and we are excited to reward our 2021 Adder Anglers.

Our longest running Major Sponsor – Stealth Performance Products have supported the Adder Rock Kayak Fishing Comp for nearly a decade and we thank Brett and his team for their continued support in helping make this comp what it is.

On the Table this year is the Choice if either a Kayak Upgrade Voucher or a Brand New Stealth Fusion Kayak.

Tag Access Security – owned and operated by Long time Adder Rock Entrant Gary Mathias. Gary has again kindly joined as a sponsor of the Adder Rock Event.  We thank Tag Access Security for their support and encourage anyone who is in need of access control or security systems to touch base with Gary.

Halco Lures – With over 70 years in the lure making game we are excited to have this tackle giant on board as a sponsor of the event. Halco manufacture a range of lures perfectly suited to what we do in our offshore kayaks. It is fitting that one of the event organizers used a Halco Lure to catch a Personal Best Spanish Mackerel at Adder Rock…

A massive thanks to Mo Tackle & Outdoors for their continued support of this comp. Mo have again provided the comp with vouchers which can be used in store or online – their range is diverse and rather enormous. No doubt the winners of the vouchers will have a great time choosing some new gear.

Penn and Ugly Stik – Two major brands brought into Australia by Purefishing. Well suited to offshore conditions the Penn and Ugly Stik Brands are well regarded among our kayak fishermen and for good reason. AKS Thank Purefishing for their continued support of our events over the years.

A fishing comp is not quite the same without some Biltong to Snack on. Springbok Foods have again kindly supported the Adder Rock event with some Biltong for the Welcome Packs, as well as assistance with the purchase of the Boerewors used for the Friday Night BBQ. We thank Springbok Foods for there support over the years and cannot wait to get snacking….

Finding fish is that much easier with Lowrance Sounders. Lowrance are a long time sponsor of the Adder Rock event, with plenty of fish being caught with the assistance of their gear over the years. AKS thank the team from Navico for their continued support of the event.

Shimano are no stranger to being involved in our events and this years’ Adder Event is no different – the team have again kindly joined as a sponsor and no doubt some of the entrants will be walking away with some quality Shimano gear.

FPV Power – The best offshore kayak fishing battery manufacturer hands down. Brandon and Ian at FPV have again jumped on board to support this event. Not only do FPV manufacture a top quality product, but they support and engage with the Kayak Fishing community so well. Thanks FPV Power.
Beachwheels Australia are practically part of the furniture at the Adder Rock Fishing Comp – Drew from Beachwheels has been a long-time supporter of the event and it is easy to see why they are so well regarded. They are quite simply a cut above the rest; this is evident just by looking at how many are used at just the one event….

Savage Gear Pro Staffer and all-round good guy Ben (who has proudly caught fish for the Mexican team in previous comps) has again offered some gear as prizes at the Adder Rock event. Savage Gear offer a wide variety of quality gear perfect for in and off-shore fishing. Prizes from Savage are always well received.

This is Icom’s first year sponsoring the event and we are stoked to have them on board. We are long-time Icom users and it is great to have them on board. Icom Radios are very popular in our community and the support is appreciated. The Friday night BBQ Raffle will be a good one for someone….
Another of our Competitors turned Sponsor - Eryn has created her own 'liddle e designs' business and designs her own fabric designs from paintings and then either hand-makes various homewares and accessories from these or has products made in these lairy designs. Eryn has donated 2 pairs of leggings which feature two of her original designs, The Yaker and the Yabby Designs, and she has had these made in Australia for the competition. We thank Eryn for getting on board and encourage anyone keen on a pair of leggings to touch base with Eryn and support an Aussie Small Business.