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May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.

The Tribe Monthly Comp

Catch a fish off a Stealth Kayak or Kayak that you purchased (or Won) from AKS. Get a photo of you and the Fish next to your kayak. Get a photo of the fish on a Brag mat or measuring board. Send these photos in via email - to - We will add your scores to a series of leaderboards which will be accessible on our website.

The Winner of the Month is determined by the monthly Objective (Whether it be Single Largest fish, Most point accumulated or Most species caught).


Points are awarded as per below:

1 – 49 cm = 0.5 p per cm
50 – 99 cm = 1 p per cm
100 – 150 cm = 1.5 p per cm
150 cm + = 2 pt per cm.

Our Benchmark system will also be in use; for certain fish that fall outside of the regular scoring method.

Species Good ( 1.5 points per cm) Trophy ( 2 point per cm)
Cobia 100 cm 135 cm
Mahi Mahi 90 cm 120 cm
Grass Emperor (Sweetlip) 55 cm 75 cm
Longtail Tuna 105 cm

125 cm

Mulloway 90 cm 110 cm
Snapper 75 cm 85 cm
School Mackerel 85 cm 100 cm
Spotted Mackerel 95 cm 110 cm
Spanish Mackerel 120 cm 145 cm
Spangled Emperor 70 cm 80 cm
Wahoo 110 cm 140 cm
Yellow Fin Tuna 85 cm 105 cm
Yellowtail Kingfish 90 cm 110 cm
GT 85 cm 100 cm
Southern Blue Fin Tuna 95 cm 125 cm 

Vermin Vermin species include:
• Mackerel Tuna
• Barracuda
• Grinner

These fish will not score points in our comp. No Sharks, Rays, Hairtails or Longtoms please.

Any Billfish caught (touching the leader counts as a capture) will score 300 points. Photographic evidence of the capture is required.

Given that the comp stretches across multiple States, in order to score a fish, the minimum size is that of the State which requires the fish to be the largest. For example:

The legal size of a Snapper in QLD is larger than that of the legal size of a Snapper in NSW, so in order to score the fish, it needs to be Legal in QLD.

Please be aware of protected species - do not enter a fish that is illegal.
Prize Packs valued at $120 will be awarded at the end of each month.

Bonus If you submit your photos with an accompanying Trip report for us to share on our website as a blog post, and you happen to win, we will increase the prize pack value to $175.

Submit Entries to