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May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
May 2024: We are moving. All enquiries and orders online. Pickups by appointment.
AKS Kayak Fishing Comp Schedule 2023

AKS Kayak Fishing Comp Schedule 2023

Every year following our competition season Tom and I reflect on what worked well and what did not. Over the years we have tried a few different things to make the comps as much fun as possible whilst promoting the sport we love.

It is a bit of a balancing act – we want our entrants to be rewarded for their efforts and we like drawing as big an entrant pool as possible; but We do not want to be the fuel of a “win at all costs” culture at our events.

Our goal has always been to host events that are family friendly, social in nature, and emphasize the camaraderie we know is at the core of the sport.

With the above in mind as well as the Spanish Mackerel closures that are expected in February and March 2023 – we have penned some dates for our events.

  • Noosa Kayak Fishing Challenge – 14 January 2023
  • Palm Beach Blitz – 22 April 2023
  • Adder Rock Kayak Fishing Challenge – 19 – 21 May 2023

All three of our events will see some big changes. Noosa and Adder rock have grown significantly over the years and whilst a lot of good things have come out of them, we see this as a good opportunity to return them back to their roots.

Big Cash prizes and larger than necessary prize pools are out…. A reduction in the cost to enter, and more lucky dip prizes are in….

The Noosa Challenge – Whilst we will sort out the exact fishing format in the coming weeks; The standard entry fee will be reduced from $100 to $40. The comp will be hosted earlier in the year than what we have done in a long time, but we are hopeful we will see some good catches and have a good crowd. BBQ and Beers after the Session.

The Palmy Blitz – a return to the race format. This comp is fun. Whilst we understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and is a difficult format to expect entrants to travel big distances for – it is SUPER FUN !!! Entry will be $40 – BBQ and Beers after the session.

Adder Rock 2023 – We have reduced the entry cost as much as possible and are looking to strip this one back from the behemoth it has become. A fishing format change is going to happen – more catch and release and more species focus.

Camping Bookings for May open at the end of the month so keep and eye out. We have passed on some feedback to the camp grounds from this year’s event (with particular reference to water usage) and it has been well received (washing kayaks down after use is fine, so long as we do not use the fire hoses).

Entry $70 – BBQ and Beers, Tee Shirt.

We look forward to seeing old salts and new guns alike. Feel free to touch base if you have any questions – entries will be available online 1 December 2022.


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