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Brad White Tribe Comp Submission - Trip Report

Brad White Tribe Comp Submission - Trip Report

Solid cobe caught on Palmy this morning – 1210mm

Beautiful conditions out, late gentlemens start of around 5.40am – Al, Olly & Blake already on the water with Ant launching from Currumbin not long after me.  Made it out clean, swell much smaller than earlier in the week, gear out and ready to roll………dang, sounder decides not to work today.  Looks like I’m using the Force!

First pass out towards the wave bouy big hit and run, fight is on, good few minutes into the fight I see leader and big splash big cobe out in the sunlight.  Decides to dive, I then spend what felt like a lifetime trying to get back to leader.  I finally get to get there, the cobe is directly under me and then boom ……. Loose the hook up and a treble, stinger wire cut through.


Paddle around for a while mumbling profanities thinking about what could have been, I decide to head back in, passing over the inner reef and Shaboom another big hit and run.  Fight is on,  big fight on, this fish is not coming in easy - advantage moved back and forward between me and the fish – I win and the fish is in the hatch.

Happy days, Yoda must have had my back!

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