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Tribe Comp Submission Brad White Trip Report

Tribe Comp Submission Brad White Trip Report

Interesting morning on the water, very blowy.



Launched just before 5 in small swell, no idea how it happened but some how I fell off, total rookie level.....Fark!



Stopped to get a couple of livies, caught some and then dropped bait jig detaching.....Fark, Fark!



Paddling out to buoy, hooked up dirty mac tuna, line tangled, rig not able to be re-used.....Fark, Fark, Fark!



Paddled back in with weighted livey and deadbait - hooked Spanish on deadbait, get to within 5m of leader, its wrapped around livey line a million times, at this stage expecting it to be cut off at any point, couldn't cut or seperate basically had to keep winding, I now have mainline + livey line folded on itsself, so essentially 3 lines running down up through the rod.....Fark, Fark, Fark, Fark!



Get the fish close enough to gaff, perfect hit with gaff, fish still has plenty in the tank and decides to bolt straight down, on verge of tipping over, I have let gaff go or I am in the water.......Fark, Fark, Fark, Fark, Fark!



Manage to get my three lines back down through the rod and back to leader - fish no longer has gaff in it......Fark,Fark, Fark, Fark Fark, Fark!



Pull out my shark deterrent device (Kage Gaff), after 3 pathetic attempts I gaff my first Kayak Spanish for the season..........Yippee!!!



If anyone happens to pull up a stealth gaff from the bottom of the reef.......I call dibbs!



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