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Tribe Tournament - Trip Report Jamie Downey

Tribe Tournament - Trip Report Jamie Downey

Trip Report

4th January 2020

Launched off Sunshine Beach , into some pretty reasonable surf conditions , doable with a bit of thought . I've been enjoying watching the guys that fish out of doggie beach and learning slowly the local trends , and how to get the goods from the area , lot of learning on my part . Greg Warren opened my mind to Gar as a troll bait when he got a nice cobia the other week and then shouted "look at this that's how you've gotta get ya baits swimming , and the action was simply superb"

Grabbed some beauties at my local tackle store yesdy and headed out today with a plan , line 1= Pillie line 2= gar and line 3=slimie . The Pillie got hit first , and got hit so HARRRRRD the mono actually stretched to capacity and then blew apart from pressure 2 meters from the braid to mono knot join , I've never seen that before so that was a Donnnnnnkey of a fish .

Obviously wanted to share the love with the brothers of the yak I got straight on the radio as I always do , if you ever hear me on the radio its either fish related or an emergy that's a fact. Soon after the squad arrived and we were all trying to rinse and repeat the effort of the first hit Boom huge hit that converted into a 151cm Spanish , I have a brag mat shot 😉 lol Thanks to all my friends in the yak community I've enjoyed the friendships as much if not more than the fish recently



Jamie D


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