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Tribe Comp Trip Report - Chris Carney

Tribe Comp Trip Report - Chris Carney

When: Sat 8 Feb (Saturday’s are for the BOYZ!!)

Where: Palm Beach with Mark T Woods launch from Princess Palms Lacey’s Lane at 5:30am

Swell was up, but Woodsy had found a gutter which was mad on the set bombs, but had some gaps; plus it had been a week since we had paddled so we were frothin. Rain squalls were frequent. Paddled to the buoy where Ant had already had some action and caught a nice Spanish before going in. The pillies were being taken by Spotties and the Slimy’s were attracting Spanish. I lost a spotty and a nice Spanish straight up. I managed to land a few Spotties and a Spanish. Woodsy lost a few including an XOS cobe (we suspect). Put the rods away as I had enough fish and needed to Amp up for the surf return. We made it in unscathed.


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